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"Our goal at Cascade Coffee is to create a sustainable environment that thrives on providing product to our customers that exceeds their expectations, challenges our work force, rewards them for their efforts and gives back to the community we live in."

-Phil Johnson, Founder

Our History

Phil Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Cascade Coffee, Inc., revolutionized the coffee industry in 1981 when he created Millstone Coffee, delivering specialty coffee to supermarkets for home use. Today, his innovations at Millstone are widely acknowledged to be a major force paving the way for specialty coffees’ entrance to the burgeoning retail industry. Millstone Coffee became a nationally known name brand, unique in its field for its convenient, ‘grind your own’ style and superior cup of coffee easily available to the home consumer. Millstone which had roasting and packaging operations in Everett, Washington and Henderson, Kentucky grew to provide more than 3,500 grocery stores nation-wide with specialty coffee delivered directly to the stores by their own trucks. In the 14 years from the inception of the company, Phil achieved national success and eventually sold the Millstone brand to Proctor & Gamble in 1995.

Retaining the Everett roasting operation Phil next launched Cascade Coffee, an Office Coffee Service corporation that continued to provide contract roasting services to Proctor & Gamble and the Millstone brand in the west.  Soon thereafter, the Compass Creek brand was created and became a thriving office and restaurant coffee brand throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho with 5 distribution branches.

Cascade Coffee quickly expanded its Everett roasting and packaging operation space in 1999 from a 30,000 square foot plant to a new manufacturing facility of 200,000 square feet. Cascade began growing rapidly as an external manufacturer for national brands.  In 2013, the office coffee division and Compass Creek brand was sold to DS Waters of America so that the business could focus on the private label roasting and contract manufacturing growth.

Today, Cascade Coffee continues to operate a large roasting and packaging facility in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Under the continued leadership of Phil and Kelly Johnson, Cascade Coffee has evolved into a major contract manufacturing company thanks to a unified and innovative team. Cascade’s growth now provides more than 50 million pounds of capacity per year and strives to be a world class coffee manufacturer.

The Cascade team is attentive, flexible, and focused on results while acting with high integrity to insure a strong relationship with their partners in the value chain. As a customer, I rely on their tremendous coffee production knowledge and appreciate their passion for building a lasting relationship.

- Glen Duvall, Vice President, Hawaii Coffee Company

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