Our Capabilities

Full service from product development, coffee and material sourcing to packaging and distribution.


Batch roasting customize to your taste.

Solving constraints in roasting is only part of what we can offer. Rest assured we can match, develop or procure any coffee on the planet.


Single Serve Cups

Obligation to a point of difference for you.

Often compared to French Press, our filter technology delivers a superior cup of coffee.

We offer reasonable minimums, competitive pricing and are 2.0 brewer compatible.

Does it recycle?  Yes, while the cup separates to make disposal easy, our cup is made of No. 6 plastic and such recycling facilities may or may not exist in your area.

Retail Packaging

Your brand is priority.

The coffee aisle in your supermarket sees a variety of shapes and sizes.  A principle part of what we do, is flexible retail packaging.

If you want it, we’ve got it.


Club Wholesale

Providing you value and service.

Club store packaging is a unique format and requires us to be flexible, timely and cost effective.

From bulk tray solutions to high speed packaging, we bring the knowledge you’re looking for.


You expect the best.

The Hospitality industry loves its coffee. We offer a diverse coffee program with a multitude of package and case sizes.

If you need In-Room hotel pods, restaurant or convenience packaging we’re ready when you are.

Hospitality 3

Quality Assurance

Our unwavering commitment to specialty coffee.

We believe we are simply an extension of you. Your expectations are ours.

Probat has been fortunate to work with Cascade for the past 20 years.  We know Cascade as a solid, innovative team who consistently push boundaries in the supply chain.  Their approach is an excellent model for other coffee contract manufacturers.
Cascade shows great foresight and they are not afraid to take risks especially when installing new equipment ahead of the demand curve. They challenge their suppliers, including Probat, to not only provide the best quality and price, but also provide equipment that pushes safety and environmental standards. They have a genuine respect for employees and community; keeping them safe while raising the bar to be a good corporate citizen.

- Scott Stouffer, Vice President Sales, Probat Inc.

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