Giving back to our community is not just a philosophy – it’s our responsibility.

Cascade Coffee’s commitment to giving back to our community is not just a philosophy—it’s our responsibility. Our unique approach to collaboration with other community advocates provides an opportunity to make an even greater positive impact locally.

We constantly seek new ways to protect our environmental resources, from the smallest initiatives of upcycling burlap bags for community gardens that stock our local food banks, to adopting state of the art pollution control technology that virtually eliminates any emissions from our manufacturing process.

As we become increasingly more aware of the fragile nature of our supply chain, we engage in efforts to address the need for social responsibility throughout the coffee industry. By adopting sustainability as a core element of our strategy, we have collectively impacted the industry through our continued advocacy.


Cascade Coffee has several internal programs ensuring the recyclability of incoming materials and sustainability through process controls in our plant.  We strive to minimize the landfill waste created by the roasting and packaging processes.

Additional Environmental Impact Reductions:

  • In 2016 Cascade Coffee completed the installation of an RTO (Radial Thermal Oxidizer) which has significantly reduced carbon emissions from our roasting process.
  • We annually recycle or re-purpose thousands of burlap bags, eliminating nearly 200 tons from our landfills through various foundations such as Adopt a Stream and the Master Gardeners Chapter of Snohomish County.
  • A 2016 lighting upgrade project has eliminated the use of over 340,000 KWh of electricity in our facility which would power up to 31 residential homes annually.
  • Since 2015, we have recycled over 2,000 lbs. of commercial LDPE/HDPE plastics per year from incoming packaging raw materials.
  • At Cascade, composting coffee chaff is a daily activity and shipped to an organic only landfill.
  • We are continually working with suppliers toward ongoing development of compostable packaging and recyclable raw materials.
  • We continue to source at a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled fibers that meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification.

Polar Bears at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, play with flavoring barrels donated by Cascade Coffee.



In commitment to our industry and to help make our world a better place, we have been proud to sponsor many programs that educates and implements systems for coffee growers and mill processors in eliminating water way contamination from the coffee pulping process. These rivers or streams are also commonly used for drinking, washing and bathing and watering livestock. This work also educates best farming techniques and promotes the use of coffee cherry and pulp as compost for the future organic growth of coffee trees and farm development.


Cascade Coffee is partnered with the Charitable Foundation of Snohomish County and has fulfilled many community and non-profit grants through the organization and continue to volunteer our time to a variety of local needs.

Since 2013, we have donated millions of cups of coffee annually to Food Lifeline.  Founded in 1979, Food Lifeline is led by a board of directors that represents our community and the food industry. Food Lifeline employs a staff of around 70 people, from truck drivers to food industry specialists, who all bring a passion to stopping hunger to their work.  Food Lifeline is a proud member of the Feeding America network. This relationship allows us to bring hunger-stopping best practices, relationships with national food brands and food surpluses from sister agencies back to Western Washington.

Members of the Cascade Coffee Giving Committee fill backpacks for kids at a Hope Creek Charitable Foundation, Back Packs for Hope event.

As a customer for more than 30 years Cascade Coffee is and remains a solid partner participating with our firm bringing value added aspects to the day to day business. These value added components are expertise and knowledge whether this involves new and creative coffee concepts, innovative distribution solutions or simply being a strong supplier meeting our roasting, packaging and supply needs, they stand with us at every turn.

Jamie Livingston, Western Mandate Food Services Inc.

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